About us

Our passion for training and coaching people brought Hilde, Lenka and Jos together.   We are proud to present our company - we pride ourselves on being highly energetic and dynamic professionals.

Hilde Rombouts

Managing Partner Milvus





Hilde has acquired in-depth capabilities in optimizing warehouse and transactional processes : “the non-visible” processes that deal with high volumes of paperwork like Finance, Human Resources, IT, Legal, Procurement, Shared Services Centers, etc.    She worked in Prague for three years optimizing a financial shared services center with more than 40 nationalities and different cultures.

Hilde is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Master in Finance and Certified Change Agent.   She also completed Vlerick School’s  International Management Program.

Her passion is to learn her audience to love data analysis and value the combination of decisions made on facts & figures and intuition.

Fluent in Dutch, French, English, German and some Spanish brings her very close to the people in their working environment.

"Every idea has a thousand reasons why it won't work. If you're passionate about it you'll find a thousand ways to offset all those reasons." A. Einstein

Lenka Martínková

Business Development Manager at Milvus

Lenka graduated from the South Bohemia University and received a degree in Finance and Accounting. She has 11 years of experience in financial outsourcing. Lenka took part in the first international Multilingual outsourcing project in Prague in 2001 and since then went through various accounting and managerial positions to become an expert in transition and standardization of Account Receivable processes of global companies.

Lenka recruited, managed and coached an accounting team of 50 A/R professionals by developing team spirit, performance, quality and cost-centered culture. She managed the growth from 3 to 50 employees in 3 years without any negative impact on quality or customer satisfaction.

The mind is everything. What you think you become. Buddha